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Quarantine <is not a> Competition

Niko celebrated his 1st bday during the 2020 quarantine.

In the weirdest era of our lives, we are trying to find balance. Work-life balance may have been more intentional weeks 1 and 2, yet now, PJ's until the next Zoom call is okay. I lay in bed half the day, working on my laptop and napping when childcare is available. Am I depressed? I don't think so, I've been there and I know that pit of despair; this is different. The narrative switches back and forth from "I'm an awful employee, what do I have to show for myself?" and "What a terrible mother am I to not have more patience or joy with my children!?"

Our rhythm was stolen. The ebb and flow has suddenly stopped. Music has rhythm, we bop our heads and tap our feet to a strong bass, even sway our bodies to a tune that really touches our soul. The music of our lives hasn't necessarily died, but it's like a broken record. Think "Groundhog Day," the stellar and hilarious 1993 movie with Bill Murray who wakes up and repeats the same day over and over until his sanity breaks. Our eldest daughter asked yesterday, "What are we going to do tomorrow?" We laughed as we both said, "Same thing as today." We pray for sunshine because the dreary and rainy days inside with our 5 kids and laptops in hand are too hard. I end up locking myself in a room to answer emails or set my computer aside completely, because what's the point.

The day the music died per say was March 17, 2020 in the Myer home. Kansas governor officially closed schools indefinitely and my board sent us home to work until the spread of COVID-19 slowed. It felt like an alternate universe, everything as I knew it was over. No more school routine, no more work routine, no more eating out, no more errands with the kids in tow, no more foster care meetings in our home, everything quickly transitioned to Facetime and Zoom calls.

I read a quote recently that some people are tackling projects to manage their stress while others avoid extra projects to manage their stress. We're all different. In our home, we have been tackling project after project, even with 5 kids under our feet. It's keeping us sane, ALONG WITH weekly therapy. Did you read that? WEEKLY. It is necessary and good for us. Aside from grocery shopping, therapy is the only time we leave the house and don't at me if you're going to lecture me on the safety of leaving my home. It isn't safe for people to be confined for weeks on end. Have we measured the risk of mental health during the quarantine? I spoke to a single, elderly friend who lives along with her pets. She lamented how no one will even hug her. She's alone, isolated, and feeling the weight of what isolation does to a human.

Lord willing, the end is in sight. Let's repeat it together, "It's All Going to Be Okay. Quarantine Will End, Eventually!" My eyes are regularly refocusing on things that matter. Fixing my gaze on Christ resets my heart daily. I'm grateful for my people. Having 6 humans to hug and love, along with my dog is a blessing. Who can you reach out to today? Check on those whom are alone? Pray and allow God to lead you to love someone today. Heck, break the rules and go hug someone. (note: don't come at me about 6 feet)

Last point: BE KIND! We're all handling this differently and different is okay.

xoxo, Chelsi

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