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Time for a change

Most years have their challenges, 2018 had enough to sink me and yet, sometimes at the bottom is when we have the best perspective - 2019 is a time for change. My attitude is at the top of the list.

Welcome to Trusight, my friends. This space has been created for many reasons. The first is a space for my people to share. I'd be so blessed if you would come alongside me. Whether you grew up in the church or not, I have realized that we are all believing lies. With the new year's arrival, the most intentional growth I am pursuing is emotional maturity and spiritual health. How is your mental health? Maybe all your New Year's Resolutions revolve around physical health, but would you consider adding something for your mental well-being, too? Want to join me on this venture or be a featured guest? We all have a story to share and I'd bet your story is incredible and worth sharing, if not here, find someone you love and trust and tell them. There is healing in vulnerability and if there is any reoccurring theme here at Trusight, it is THAT.

“Can you find blessing in your struggle?"

These beautiful people are why I'm seeking change. The most pertinent change is that I CANNOT control any of them. I love them and yet, somedays, I love control more.

What an ugly and honest thing to say, Chelsi! Yep, agreed.

I'm particularly fond of this 2017 photo of my girls' long, curly locks which have since then been chopped off.


What's the Point of Trusight?

Writing is a healthy way to process and heal, physically and emotionally. AND I NEED HEALING. I'm brutally open and vulnerable about certain topics. Mitch and I have a sweet little date occasionally to visit our marriage counselor. If you have any stigma around therapy, please, do not knock it until you try it. If you have had a negative experience, don't give up there. There are incredible people out there who are especially talented at holding a space for us to allow ourselves to emotionally grow. Let's be honest, don't we all have some healing to do? Whether they are hurts from last week or 3 decades ago, let's dig in and uncover the unspoken hurts so that God can heal us from the inside out.

Lastly, these beautiful daughters of mine are to officially and legally be Myer girls within the next 30 days (Lord willing). There will be a party; a party that is quite overdue. Everyone is invited.

Also, another surprise coming soon. Click subscribe so you don't miss any Trusight.

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