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Chelsi Myer

My Story.


Married for 10 years, my husband and I have walked through 8 years of infertility, 7 years of ministry, 6 years of foster care, 5 adoptions, 4 miscarriages, 3 rounds of IVF, and our miracle girl stillborn at 41 weeks.


Trusight began prior to all our loss and yet a rebirth has come after the death of our daughter, Lydia. In my darkest hour, truth and insight felt far away. Hopelessness can exist right before the biggest chapter of your life. 


I'll sit with you in the muck, listen to the weight, cultivate deep-rooted dreams, and set a course towards progress. We all have room to grow this side of Heaven. I will hold a light to the path that seems too dim to realize. Identifying your creative outlets and finally leaving discontentment behind -- demanding change. ​

What is your story? Where's your pain? How big are your dreams?

Mitch Myer

Husband, Father, Pastor, Friend, and Coach. While those roles are firmly in correct order and placement now, they have not always been. 


Through trial and error, dealing with past trauma in counseling, and intense mindset work I have been able to order my life in a more fruitful way. 


So often, we misplace our priorities and misalign our roles with our core values. This can be due to past trauma, relational stress, or fear-based living. 


I want to help you align your roles and priorities with your core values, who you truly are and what you are deeply passionate about. This can unlock freedom, peace, creativity, and discipline into your life like never before. 


Pastor burnout? Relational stress with family or friends? Lacking discipline in key areas? 


Let's work together to get you on the best path forward for the good of your soul and your loved ones. 


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